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4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying

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4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying

Brand Name : MING

Model Number : MDQL40-127

Certification : ISO9001

Place of Origin : CHINA


Price : 9-99999USD/PC

Payment Terms : T/T, D/P, Western Union

Supply Ability : 2000PCS/MONTH

Delivery Time : 3-5WEEKS

Packaging Details : WOODEN CASE

Processing type : Forging

Machine type : Downhole Tools

Use : Quarry Or Mining Or Well Drilling

Type : DTH Drill Bit

Material : Tungsten Carbide & Steel

Color : Blue,Golden,other Color Available,Blue And Yellow

Product name : Factory Hot Selling DTH Drill Bits

Application : Rock Drilling

Advantage : High Performance Rock Drill Bit

Usage : Hole Drilling

Face : Flat / Convex / Concave

Key words : DTH Drill Bit

High Light : 127mm Dow The Hole Bit, 4 Inch DTH Drill Bits, QL40 Shank High Air Pressure Bit

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Product name: 4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying
Matched hammer: Hammer QL40
Diameter: 127 mm

KINGDRILLING high air pressure DTH button bit description:

Down-The-Hole (DTH) drill bits are essential tools used in the mining, construction, and quarrying industries for drilling precise and efficient boreholes. These specialized bits are designed to deliver exceptional performance in challenging drilling conditions, offering a range of advantages over traditional drilling methods. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the features, advantages, and applications of DTH drill bits, highlighting their importance in various industries and how they contribute to enhancing productivity and efficiency.

KINGDRILLING 4 inch high air pressure DTH button bit technical parameters:

4 inch high air pressure DTH bits
Model Bit Dia. (mm) NO. X Button Dia. NO.Air Holes (PCS) Weight (KG)
Gauge Front
MDQL40-105 105 7*Φ14 5*Φ13 2 9.0
MDQL40-110 110 7*Φ14 6*Φ13 2 9.2
MDQL40-115 115 7*Φ14 6*Φ13 2 9.5
MDQL40-120 120 8*Φ14 7*Φ13 2 10.3
MDQL40-127 127 8*Φ14 7*Φ13 2 11.5

Order guide: Shank+Head diameter+Face design+Button shape

Advantages of High Air Pressure DTH Bits:

  1. Efficiency: DTH drill bits are known for their high drilling efficiency, enabling rapid penetration rates and reduced downtime. This efficiency is crucial in industries where time is of the essence, allowing projects to be completed within tight deadlines.

  2. Precision: These drill bits offer excellent accuracy and precision, ensuring that boreholes are drilled to the desired depth and diameter with minimal deviation. This precision is essential for tasks that require specific hole sizes or angles.

  3. Versatility: DTH drill bits are versatile tools that can be used in various drilling applications, including hard rock, soft rock, and abrasive formations. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of projects, from mining to geotechnical exploration.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial investment in DTH drill bits may be higher than traditional drilling tools, their long-term cost-effectiveness is undeniable. The efficiency and durability of these bits result in lower overall drilling costs and increased productivity.

  5. Durability: DTH drill bits are engineered to withstand harsh drilling conditions, including high temperatures, abrasive materials, and challenging terrains. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

  6. Safety: Safety is a top priority in any drilling operation, and DTH drill bits are designed with safety features that help prevent accidents and minimize risks to operators and equipment. These bits undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Features of DTH Drill Bits:

  1. Button or Ballistic Design: DTH drill bits come in different designs, including button bits and ballistic bits. Button bits are ideal for hard rock formations, offering excellent penetration rates, while ballistic bits are suited for softer formations, providing enhanced cutting efficiency.

  2. Tungsten Carbide Inserts: DTH drill bits are equipped with tungsten carbide inserts on the cutting face, which are highly resistant to wear and abrasion. These inserts enhance the bit’s cutting performance and extend its lifespan in demanding drilling conditions.

  3. Flush-Face Design: Many DTH drill bits feature a flush-face design, where the buttons or inserts are set flush with the bit’s face. This design promotes smoother drilling operations and reduces the risk of jamming or sticking during drilling.

  4. Retractable Ball Bearings: Some DTH drill bits are equipped with retractable ball bearings that allow for easy removal of the bit from the borehole without damaging the casing. This feature simplifies the drilling process and improves operational efficiency.

  5. Multiple Nozzle Configurations: DTH drill bits are available in various nozzle configurations that control the flow of air or water during drilling. These configurations help optimize the drilling process by ensuring efficient cuttings removal and cooling of the bit.

  6. Compatibility with DTH Hammers: DTH drill bits are designed to be used in conjunction with DTH hammers, creating a powerful drilling system that delivers high impact energy to the bit. This synergy between the bit and hammer enhances drilling performance and productivity.

Applications of High Air Pressure DTH Bits:

  1. Mining: In the mining industry, DTH drill bits are essential for exploration drilling, production drilling, and blasting operations. These bits are used to drill blastholes, ore passes, and ventilation shafts in both surface and underground mining operations.

  2. Construction: DTH drill bits play a critical role in construction projects, such as foundation drilling, piling, and trenching. They are used to create boreholes for building foundations, retaining walls, and infrastructure development.

  3. Quarrying: DTH drill bits are widely utilized in quarrying operations to extract natural stone, aggregates, and minerals. These bits are instrumental in drilling holes for rock splitting, block extraction, and quarry development.

  4. Geotechnical Exploration: DTH drill bits are employed in geotechnical exploration to collect soil and rock samples for analysis. These bits are used in soil investigation, groundwater monitoring, and geophysical surveys to assess the subsurface conditions of a site.

  5. Water Well Drilling: DTH drill bits are utilized in water well drilling projects to create boreholes for water extraction. These bits are designed to penetrate various geological formations and ensure the efficient construction of water wells for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

1. How about the common packing?
A: If there is no special packing demand, we will take it as our normal packing. First in small carton, and then put in the bigger carton together to make sure goods completed.
2. Can I expect a quality products?
A: Yes. mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request.
3. How to control quality?
A: We have our own experienced QC team,there will be strict inspection and testing for each order before shipping out.
4. Fast delivery time:
A: Usually it takes 25 days for production.only 3 or 5 days if we have stock of your request size.
5. What is DTH Bit?
Down-the-hole (DTH) hammer bits are used with Down-the-hole hammers for drilling holes through a wide range of rocks types. In conjunction with DTH hammers, drill hammer bits are designed with a splined drive for rotating the bit in the ground.
6. What is DTH hammer?
Down-the-hole drilling (DTH) essentially involves a drilling hammer at the bottom of a drill string. It relies on three elements for drilling holes: bit loading (weight), rotation and air. These active elements combine to be efficient at crushing rock.
7. How does DTH drilling work?
A down-the-hole drill, usually called DTH by most professionals, is basically a jackhammer screwed on the bottom of a drill string. The fast hammer action breaks hard rock into small cuttings and dust that are evacuated by a fluid (air, water or drilling mud).
8. What is a hammer bit?
Hammer drills are designed to quickly drill through brittle materials like concrete by combining the rotary action of the drill bit with a hammer action that moves the drill bit in and out of the hole along the bit's axis to provide a pounding action along with the drilling motion of the bit.

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4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying
4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying
4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying

China 4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying wholesale

4 Inch 127mm QL40 Shank Down The Hole High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drill Bits For Quarrying Images

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